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I am a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in diabetes care. I am dedicated to working with my patients to develop realistic treatment plans which may include medications, nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction.  As an advocate for insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring system, I stay on trend with the latest technology available to individuals with diabetes. I work at Wasatch Internal Medicine in Salt Lake City, Utah and see patients both in the clinic and house call setting. This blog represents my thoughts and in no way represents my employer.

I envisioned and co-developed the Diabetes Mixer with MJ Tran. The Diabetes Mixer is a social networking event for young adults with type 1 diabetes in Salt Lake City, Utah. Click here to link to the Diabetes Mixer page on Facebook.

I received my undergraduate degree from Weber State University and Master’s degree from the University of Utah. I am currently enrolled in a PhD program at the University of Utah Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence to research the role of online social networking among individuals with diabetes. I am a member of Sigma Theta Tau International, Golden Key International Honour Society, Utah Nurse Practitioners, and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.


15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Michelle,
    Just found your inspiring blog! I am an RN and Nurse Care Manager in a Pt-Centered Medical Home, and do a great deal of diabetes education and self-mgmt support. I’ve also been living with IDDM for 28 yrs. I have been considering becoming an NP, but have hesitated since I’d prefer to focus on DM, and haven’t been certain about the opportunities available. Would you be willing to chat about your work via email? Thank you so much.
    Best wishes,
    Siana Wood, RN, BSN

  2. Hi Michelle, I’m Pat from the UK and have been reading your posts and thought this would be a wonderful type of event to stage here in the UK.

    I’m a type 1 for last 45 years and chair a local support group here in Cheltenham and was wondering how did you go about setting this up, did you get any sponsorship and or assistance form other bodies and does this cause conflict?

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    • Hi Pat,

      It’s wonderful that you lead a support group in the UK! I’m glad you found my blog. Thank you for your interest in the Diabetes Mixer.

      The Diabetes Mixer was supported through both sponsors and vendors. The sponsor of the first event was Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) Gamma Rho Chapter, an honors nursing society that I belong to. The Utah Department of Health Diabetes Prevention and Control Program, in addition to STTI Gamma Rho Chapter, sponsored the second event. Vendors included pharmaceutical, glucometer, insulin pump, and diabetes supply companies. As a nurse practitioner, I had easy access to all of these sponsors and vendors through my job. All of the sponsors and vendors were knew they were there supporting the same cause and played nicely with each other. MJ, the Diabetes Mixer co-chair, or I would be happy to chat with you by email or Skype if you’d like any additional details.


  3. I listened to your talk about social media at the 27th AANP conference and decided to checck you out. I am a pediatric NP. Love your blog so far. Would like to get some additional info from you on using social media so that I can further enhance what I am presntly doing. I do have a blog not health related and also started to tweet.Would like to start a new blogsite for pediatric health

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  6. I am an 18 year old CNA and I intend to continue my nursing education. I also have a boyfriend with type one diabetes. I want to understand better and be able to experience what those with type one diabetes go through. Can I take the fakeabeties challenge?

  7. Hi Michelle,

    I am loving your blog! I started taking nursing classes because my mother has Type 2 diabetes and your blog has some wonderful information. I am now a student at the University of Arizona’s Online Nursing program and I was hoping to share an infographic that we created regarding diabetes. I look forward to hearing back from you. Have a great day!


  8. Hi Michelle,
    Just found your inspiring blog!

    I’ve lived with type one diabetes for over 55 years, since the age of two. I was one of the early users of the insulin pump (almost 36 years), CGMS (19 years) and worked on development of the infusion sets, pump and CGMS software as well as features. Currently involved in diabetes support and education, writing books for children in a way they can understand and feel comfortable with.

    Working on educational software – would like your opinion!

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