Caught Blue Handed! Blogging Diabetes

If you want to chat, blog, or tweet diabetes, Tony Rose is someone to know. I have followed Tony on both Facebook and Twitter for quite sometime, and just recently discovered his awesome podcast. Tony agreed to tell us more about his work on “Caught Blue Handed!”. Caught Blue Handed! is a way for me to highlight individuals, organizations, and advocacy campaigns that promote diabetes awareness.

1. Tell me a little about yourself. What do you like to do?

Most importantly, I’m a husband to my wife of almost 12 years and father to my two young girls ages 6 and 3 with a baby due in June (girl).  I’mlucky enough to work remotely for my full time job as a Compensation Manager where I design incentive plans for sales people to drive behaviors.  I’ve got a background in finance with an under graduate degree in business/finance and more recently an MBA in Management. When I’m not playing around our house with my girls or working, I like to golf, bike, exercise and am a big fan of mixed martial arts (UFC), though I don’t practice it.  I also like to end each day with a little reading to help take my mind of the days stressors, next day’s work or everything in between. It’s usually a mix between business, diabetes and fiction books with multiple books sometimes active at once on my Kindle.

2. Why are you so passionate about diabetes? And helping others with diabetes?

I’ve lived with type 1 diabetes for 14 years now after being diagnosed before my senior year of college.  For about 7 years I lived with diabetes and managed it pretty well, but never having a laser like focus on it. After my oldest daughter was born, I got more involved and wanted to take as good care of myself as possible. Honestly, I’m a high-achiever and repeatedly hearing that I was doing “good” from my doctor wasn’t good enough for me. I started Blogging Diabetes in 2008 with two main goals. First to give others with diabetes a resource to learn about someone else who may be experiencing the same issues. Secondly, my co-goal was to help me take my diabetes care to the next level and get excellent control. Helping others has been the most rewarding. Whenever I get a message from someone who thanks me or just says hi, it truly makes my day and makes all the work very rewarding.

 3. Tell me about your blog and podcast? How do these promote diabetes awareness/advocacy?

Since 2008, I’ve been mainly writing articles on Blogging Diabetes and connecting with friends on Twitter and Facebook. Most of my articlesfocus on a tip or something to help others learn something. Back in June of 2011, I started the weekly Blogging Diabetes Podcast that took sharing information with others to a whole new level. I interview, doctors, chefs, professionals and fellow friends with diabetes to help me and others learn more about diabetes and connecting with another person that has diabetes. I love sharing information, telling stories and taking my friends and listeners through events as I experience them.

 4. What do you hope to accomplish?

My goal is to gain better control and continue to deliver valuable insights and information to those around me on the blog and podcast. As with many diabetics, my goal is to be consistently under 7.0 for my A1c with tight variation. I’ve usually been in the mid to lower 7s and have only once been under 7 at 6.9%. On the podcast, my goal is to bring better and more information to those that listen by interviewing doctors, professionals, companies, other friends with diabetes and anyone that has something to share with my community that adds value.

 5. How can people get involved?

There are many ways people can get involved with diabetes.  Financially, they can support foundations that help make living with diabetes better or researching for a cure. Also, many areas have local JDRF chapters, events, walks, etc. where people can interact and support those with diabetes. More available is the online platform where people can listen to my podcast on the site or itunes, interact on the blog, or find me and many other people with diabetes on twitter and facebook. The twitter #DSMA chats on Wednesday nights at 9PM EST are a great way to get a glimpse of what it’s really like to live with diabetes.

Me specifically, I am available to email with questions or just to say hi at . I also have a voicemail box setup for the podcast where people can send in questions or comments and also text me at 410-774-6079.

Thank you Tony and Blogging Diabetes, you have been officially

Caught Blue Handed!


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