The Delinquent Pancreas Club

Despite full functioning pancreases, MJ Tran and I have been included as honorary members of the Delinquent Pancreas Club. This casual, social networking club, is led by Leslie Brown, an ambitious young woman recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. After attending the Diabetes Mixer in October, Leslie wanted to keep the momentum going of the social atmosphere among individuals with type 1, so the Delinquent Pancreas Club was born. The first meeting was held on November 5th at Leslie’s residence. Besides MJ and I, there were four women with type 1 diabetes and their spouses/paramours in attendance. This potluck included a great menu: lasagna, pumpkin soup, homemade bread, olive tampenade, vegetables, and cookies. Besides tasty food, there was great conversation. For hours, we talked about pump sites, continuous glucose monitoring sensors, Diabetes Terms of Endearment, exercise, health care providers, insurance, personal stories relating to diabetes, and the Diabetes Mixer.

The feedback about the Diabetes Mixer is the very reason why MJ and I plan to continue hosting these community events. One individual attended the Diabetes Mixer solo, at the Delinquent Pancreas Club meeting her husband told me that he as so pleased that his wife came home from the event happy and excited to have met so many other people with type 1 diabetes. Another person told me about how she was too shy to attend diabetes camp when she was younger, the Diabetes Mixer provided her an opportunity to meet, engage, and connect with others who also have type 1 diabetes as an adult. The group also shared insights and suggestions about future events. Many even offered to help solicit prizes and use connections for potential venues.

As a health care provider, I am honored to be included in this group of amazing people. There is so much that I continue to learn from people with diabetes everyday; through my patients, individuals attending the Diabetes Mixer, the diabetes online community, and now the Delinquent Pancreas Club. While I feel I was able to contribute to the conversation, I was really there to gain knowledge from the experience of others. What a great opportunity to eat delicious food among great company, all while learning various diabetes related tips that I can take back to the patients at my practice. I consider myself a very lucky nurse practitioner!


3 thoughts on “The Delinquent Pancreas Club

  1. You can leave out the heavy whipping cream (although it is rather delicious), or you can substitute plain, non-fat yogurt. It gives a rich yet tangy taste.

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