Mix it Up with the Diabetes Mixer!

A few weeks ago, MJ Tran and I had the pleasure of co-hosting the 2nd Biannual Diabetes Mixer. The Diabetes Mixer is a social networking event for young adults with type 1 diabetes in Salt Lake City, UT. The theme was “Express Yourself,” in which we had 3 featured guests. First, Ginger Vieira, who has type 1 diabetes and acted as our emcee and slam poetry star. Second, Matt Calder, who played a wonderful selection of acoustic live music. Finally, Tyler Tolson, who painted an inspirational picture of Albert Einstein throughout the event, which was presented to an attendee as our grand prize.

The Diabetes Mixer is creating connections within the type 1 diabetes community in a fun, unexpected atmosphere. Why is the Diabetes Mixer helpful? Here are a few comments from our attendees:

  • “Talked to others with different therapies”
  • “Its good to meet new people who understand”
  • “That I’m not alone”
  • “Lifted my spirits”
  • “It was nice to just talk to people going through the same thing as me”
If you are ever in Salt Lake City, and you have type 1 diabetes, we hope you can check out a Diabetes Mixer!

2 thoughts on “Mix it Up with the Diabetes Mixer!

  1. This is so great! I love the idea, and am going to start pondering how to pull off something like that at some level here in Indy… Great job! Love the post and reading about the good times there!

    • Thanks Mike!
      Let us know if you want to chat about putting one together. My co-chair, MJ Tran, and I are always available to let you know how we worked our community connections in order to pull it off.
      Best, Michelle

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