Diabetes IQ versus EQ

I recently had a lovely conversation with Donna Priest Vance through facebook. She has had Type 1 for 22 years and uses an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system. We talked about various topics, from complications to compliance. In our discussion, the importance of having both general intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ), and how they play a role in diabetes control, was brought up. As it relates to IQ, one must have knowledge about diabetes, the impact daily activities can have on blood sugar and medication demands, and how to troubleshoot bloog sugar excursions. However, having diabetes IQ only doesn’t guarantee diabetes control, you need diabetes EQ too. EQ relates to the emotional impact diabetes can have on someone, and how one might cope or deal with diabetes. It is only when the ratio of IQ is matched with EQ that diabetes control is at its best.

Donna is managing her diabetes using equal parts of IQ and EQ. And the mantra that she lives by? “Your attitude will kill you quicker than the diagnosis”.


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