Teaching Carbohydrate Counting

Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting the diabetes lecture at the University of Utah in the Nurse Practitioner program. My goal when lecturing? Keep it interesting enough so that people won’t think twice about falling asleep. This is where the power of media can be harnessed. To supplement the section on carbohydrate counting, I showed the video,” My Life as a Pin Cushion: Carb Counting” by Mike Lawson (person with diabetes), which I have shown countless times to patients during their visit.  Not only was the class engaged and even giggling at times, they really got the message about what carbohydrate counting is, and how they might be able to explain it to their own patients. Added bonus, no one fell asleep!

People with Diabetes: If you haven’t seen Mike Lawson’s YouTube video on carbohydrate counting, or his other amazing videos (ie. Diabetes Police among others), you should check them out!

Health Care Providers: Don’t forget the importance of using media when educating your patients or students about health care topics. YouTube and other media outlets are a rich source of tools that can liven up a patient visit/class room experience, while still providing accurate information.


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